Bathroom Remodeling

Is Your Bathroom Due for a Change?

Is Your Bathroom Due for a Change?

Overhaul your bathroom with a bathroom remodeling contractor in Spokane, WA

You step into your bathroom to see a worn floor, a tired color scheme and fixtures that have been repaired more times than you can count. It's time for an update.

You can complete a fantastic bathroom remodel with the help of Brandon the Handyman and Remodeler, LLC, a remodeling company in Spokane, WA. Contact a bathroom remodeling contractor in our team to make over the room from floor to ceiling.

Trust us with any bathroom remodeling task

Our company is led by a bathroom remodeling contractor with more than 12 years of experience, so you can rely on us for any remodeling project, no matter how demanding.

Count on me to:

  • Demolish the current room down to its framing
  • Adjust the room's framing and other structures
  • Install insulation and drywall
  • Paint and install flooring and tile
  • Install cabinets and fixtures

I am also prepared to collaborate with electricians and plumbers. Call 509-862-7934 to begin planning your complete bathroom remodel today.

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